Hema Hospital, Kisii Level 4

Hema Hospital (Kisii level IV Hospital) is a 24 HOURS operational private Hospital located in Kisii County Kisii Town, along the Gusii Stadium Road in Hema Building. It is the fastest growing hospital in Kisii and in the wider Western region of Kenya for its quality service provision to the public. It is equipped with mordern facilities in the labortory, surgical, renal, radiology etc which are run by specialised personell. Hema Hospital provides both inpatient and outpatient facilitients to its esteemed patients.
Hema Hospital runs on a 24 hours non-stop operational basis, to maximise our services to clients and reliability, that makes it an outstanding facility, a choice for many.
We offer both inpatient and outpatient facilities with the patient having the liberty of using insurance treatment or cash payment, as outlined in insurance policies menu

Service provision to the society

Hema Hospital is dedicated in providing the best 24/7 medical reliance to the society. With our new systems and policies, we assure the general public of absolute medical solution.

World class facilities

We have improvised and mordern facilities that enable quick service provision with accuracy. This include Dental, renal, radiography, laboratory etc units.

Strategically structured and located

Hema Hospital is situated at the heart of Kisii Town, along the Gusii stadium - Tuskeys (Echiro) way in the larger Hema Building.

Diverse medical support

Hema Hospital provides a diversified medical support to it clients. This includes inpatient, outpatient, the pharmacy, laboratory etc services.

Service with love

We always put customer interests at a priority. We cherish customer satisfaction offered in love and care of understanding.

Timely and sure diagnostics

Time is money, and at Hema we assure our clients of quick timely services that leaves you with more time to chase the businesses of the day.

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